Frontend Developer

Full Time Frontend Lagos 8 months ago

Job Description


  • State of the art UX methodology of making UI.
  • Solid experience in Javascript.
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript Framework: Experience with AngularJS most importantly.
  • Frontend Framework: Bootstrap¬†
  • Experience with CSS Preprocessors: SASS or LESS.
  • Good knowledge of scripting (bash)
  • Experience with UI/UX Android & iOS apps.
  • Experience with RESTful Services and APIs is a most, because it's a very important knowledge to have while working hand to hand with the Backend Developers.
  • Responsive and Mobile Design skillset is very vital to this job role and it's the order of the day.
  • Cross-Browser Development ability is as well important to this position.
  • Familiar with testing and debugging processes is vital
  • Git and Version Control Systems knowledge.
  • Familiar with deployment toolchains/CI.

Desirable Skills

  • Past experience developing UI/UX in retail sector.
  • Understanding of latest security principles, techniques, and protocols.
  • Ability to participate in multiple projects concurrently.
  • Ability to understand new technologies quickly is essential.
  • Customer focused mindset.


If you apply for contract: Its a BYOD offer, and earnings (3 Months) will be #200,000